Vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners

We offer a wide range of professional vacuum cleaners for dry/wet cleaning and extractors.

Dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning contractors, hotels, offices, etc. Fiorentini small vacuums are mobile, reliable and quiet.

Professional wet and dry vacuums are ideal for cleaning contractors, services, car wash, warehouses, production facilities and can vacuum all types of dirt regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, dry, damp, or liquid.

Extractors are optimal solution for cleaning carpets, upholstery and interior, car upholstery, etc. They combine spraying of cleaning solution and vacuum drying in one.

Spray extractors are best suited for cleaning hotel rooms, offices, living homes, car interior, and furniture upholstery.

Larger brush extractors are equipped with cylindrical brush, making cleaning more effective. They ere most efficient when cleaning large open areas like hotels, conference halls, showrooms, large office and administration buildings, etc.

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