STAMH -TECH is the new brand name of LEH GROUP

STAMH -TECH Ltd is a Bulgarian company specialized in the supply of professional and industrial cleaning equipment and technology that can be used in all sectors of the economy and industry. The machines are
characterized by its high quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness and are suitable for the production facilities of companies specialized in different sectors, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, commercial centres and buildings, administrative buildings, government agencies, etc. All machines are very easy to use and maintain and they are the perfect investment because of their robustness and durability.

The manufacturers represented by us in the Bulgarian market have established positions worldwide and outperform their competitors due to the very good correlation between high quality and price. Customer care, constant perfectioning and innovation are among the top priorities of our partners while at the same time they meet all requirements for environmental protection and safety at work.

STAMH -TECH  is the official representative and service of:

Eureka s.r.l. (Italy) - leading company specialized in producing sweepers and scrubbers.

R.G.S. Vaciim System (Italy) - world leader in production of indistrial vacuum machines.

Dulevo International (Italy) multifunctional utility machines for cleaning and winter maintenance.

TMB (Italy) professional vacuum cleaners and single disc machines.

STAMH -TECH  is the only Bulgarian company that upon request gives the possibility of testing the machines.

STAMH -TECH provides a full warranty and service. LEH GROUP has two repair centres – in Sofia and Varna. In our services work highly qualified professionals who provide top quality maintenance and repair and fix the problems in the shortest possible time.

STAMH -TECH  is not only your supplier but also a loyal and reliable partner. With us on your side, you can plan the development of your business.

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